Most dental practices experience days of prolonged downtime during cyberattacks and server failures due to weak backup and disaster recovery solutions. Often times the backups have not been monitored in real time, which can lead to data loss. We offer advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions with monitoring — our solutions are designed to minimize your downtime while ensuring your data is highly secure. Our full-featured cloud backup system takes into account the growing demand for HIPAA compliance.

Backup systems are designed to eliminate data loss, but cannot eliminate downtime after a server failure or cyberattack. Many dental practices may overlook this aspect of data recovery, believing that a backup system will eliminate downtime. We know that recovering data, especially on servers installed at a dental practice, can take hours or even days depending on the severity of the issue and size of the database. To help you reduce downtime in the event of an issue that requires data recovery, we help you design a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, so you can get back to seeing patients quickly.


Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions are designed to go beyond preventing data loss by significantly reducing downtime and even in some cases eliminating it. This allows a practice to be up and operating quickly with minimal patient disruption.

Cloud Backup

Your patient data is securely backed up into the cloud and protected from local threats such as theft, fire, flood, viruses and hard drive failures. With our 24/7 monitoring and management, you can be rest assured that your backup is up to date.

Automated, Monitored, and Managed

Our integrated backup and disaster recovery solutions are fully automated and remotely monitored for optimal performance.

Complete Server Backups

Your server is completely and regularly backed up so we can recover your data in the event of a failure without having to manually re-install software or move data.

Instant Remote Recovery

We can remotely recover a completely crashed workstation in a matter of minutes.

Multiple Backup Solutions

Rather than relying on a single backup and restore system, we deploy multiple redundant backup solutions to further ensure your data reliability.

Restore to Different Hardware

A failed workstation due to hardware issues can be successfully recovered into a spare workstation with minimal configuration.

Eliminate Frequent Site Visits

Our efficient and remotely managed backup and disaster recovery systems eliminate the need for frequent site visits.

24/7 Managed and Monitored

The entire system is managed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to install software updates and enhance your system performance.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup

We make sure that your dental practice conforms to the latest HIPAA regulations by offering a HIPAA-compliant cloud backup system.

Failover Server

For dental practices that require 100% up-time, we offer full server redundancy which essentially allows you to continue working even during a catastrophic failure where the primary server goes down. All of your patient data and programs are backed up into a spare server installed at your dental practice. During a failure, the spare server can take the role of the primary server within minutes, enabling you to minimize data loss and downtime.