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Regardless of the size of a dental practice, today’s dental offices face real threats due to an alarming surge in cyberattacks, many targeting the healthcare industry. The attacks can easily bypass most firewalls and traditional Anti-Virus software. In addition, since most dental practices do not have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, they experience unexpected and prolonged downtime which leads to production loss.

Ransomware, for example, has triggered a global crisis affecting many businesses, including dental practices. It can quickly multiply through your network, encrypting all patient data and, inevitably, bringing down the entire system.

Our advanced security software is installed on all computers and can effectively contain and prevent malware including Ransomware from spreading to other parts of your network. In comparison, traditional Anti-Virus software is unable to stop most cyberattacks.



Advanced Security Protection

New AI-powered security solutions can autonomously detect and prevent malicious files and processes as the attack starts, therefore most attacks are prevented and remediated before they cause major harm.

Real-Time Network Threat Alerts

Our system alerts us in real time about the latest blended threats, including software vulnerabilities, intrusions, viruses, malware and other malicious attacks on your network. For example, if our system blocks a virus or any kind of intrusion on your network, we are instantly alerted and can track the user and the computer that initiated the attack.



24/7 Network & System Monitoring

With our proactive 24/7 network & system monitoring, we are alerted in real-time to the latest blended threats which could cause a major system failure. This way, we can take preventive actions against threats before they can cause real damage.

AI-Powered Security

Artificial intelligence and machine learning be very effective against modern threats as their capabilities go far beyond just identifying. They are designed to learn emerging new threat patterns and identify new ones based on
existing threats.



Isolate Issues and Resolve Faster

Unresolved threats can cause server failure, data loss, and prolonged downtime. Our monitoring solutions are designed to work proactively — not reactively — to instantly detect and prevent emerging problems before they can cause major damage to your system and put your practice at risk.

Enterprise-Level Firewall Protection

To maximize your network security, our enterprise-level firewall and internet traffic filters block all types of threatening intruders including malicious emails and websites. In addition, the system performs deep traffic scans without slowing down your network.