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Protecting Patient Data from Targeted Cyberattacks

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act stress that medical practices handle both their practice and patient data securely while ensuring proper technology use and integration. Increased levels of enforcement mean serious financial consequences for practices that suffer from data breaches or neglect to protect their patient data properly.

The HIPAA Security Rule outlines both technical and non technical standards for protecting patients’ data and requires entities to implement certain protections. To help our clients ensure they meet the regulations and requirements, we provide robust security solutions and strategies.

Running free or basic antivirus software, neglecting regular software updates, or not using a firewall can put your practice at a higher risk of cyberattacks. Malicious attacks such as ransomware can easily enter your network through email or pass through a weak firewall. Once ransomware infiltrates your network, it can encrypt patient data and even bring down your entire system.

We provide enterprise-level security for your network, server, and workstations. Our managed service model ensures your systems are updated regularly so that system vulnerabilities cannot be exploited by malicious intrusions, viruses, or malware. Our dental IT specialists understand the security solutions that can safeguard your patient information and keep you in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.


Proactive Maintenance

Malicious attacks due to a virus or malware can exploit known vulnerabilities in your operating system. Keeping your system up to date is critical to help prevent these attacks and is part of being in compliance with HIPAA. Our automated system routinely updates your computers and server with software updates for ongoing protection and compliance.

Enterprise Security

In order protect your dental practice against attacks, we will perform a complete risk assessment of your entire system including backups, system access, and network to identify possible vulnerabilities and how mitigate them. We will put together a business continuity and disaster recovery plan tailored to your practice. Using enterprise-level firewall protection, we inspect all incoming traffic before it reaches your network. We can block malicious email messages and prevent malware from being downloaded and installed.