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Many practices we serve immediately experience fewer IT issues at their offices and quicker resolution when issues arise. If they have a major IT disaster, they can rely on us to get them up and running fast.

Armin Raoufinia, founder of Digital Practice Solutions, sums up our vision in one sentence: “We want to provide innovative technologies to our clients and a level of support that no other company provides.” To accomplish this, we spare no effort to provide enterprise-level solutions coupled with superior support services for dental practices of all sizes.

At Digital Practice Solutions, our goal is to help your practice operate efficiently with minimal interruptions. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, and we want to be your trusted dental IT partner, delivering the best service at a reasonable fee. We take the long view, helping to guide you to the best choice of technology for your practice, working with you to create a disaster recovery plan, proactively monitoring and updating your system for security and efficiency, and working with you as your practice grows and technology changes.

As you and your staff genuinely care for patients, we genuinely care to get IT issues resolved. IT issues will arise, but we take steps to catch them early, deal with them swiftly, and keep your systems up and running.


Who we are

Armin Raoufinia holds a Computer Science degree and spent years working in IT at major firms including Verizon and TimeWarner. He founded Digital Practice Solutions in 2006 to offer IT services to dental practices in the region. Coming from a family of professional dentists, he understands the day-to-day operations of a dental office. Equipped with his in-depth knowledge about enterprise-level monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, Armin is leading Digital Practice Solutions to develop unique, advanced solutions that our clients enjoy at competitive prices.

Our technicians are highly trained in dental IT support and hold certifications in Microsoft technologies and network security. They constantly research new cybersecurity threats and protect your dental practice from them. We maintain close working relationships with many dental vendors and stay up to date with the latest dental technology trends. Our disaster recovery solutions are designed for very large enterprises, but we have made them available for dental offices of all sizes at an affordable price.